Analyst Relations


Analyst relations plays a critical role in the success of PR and marketing campaigns and ultimately, influences sales. Our Catalyst reports into how to influence sales to telecoms operators, enterprise IT decision makers and technology buyers within banks all point to the enormous importance of industry analysts and therefore of effective analyst relations.

Analysts regularly interact with the media, existing and potential customers, and investors. They also often define and influence industry trends. Therefore, keeping them up-to-date on your products, services and market vision is important in ensuring you are positioned correctly.



We have a deep understanding of the technology analyst community. Therefore we can identify influential analysts and facilitate introductions that result in lasting and meaningful relationships.Via an active analyst relations programme, we can ensure that the critical industry analysts understand your market positioning and see you as a respected voice during significant market and technology changes.



The analyst community is diverse. We will ensure you are building relationships with the right analysts at the right times, and regularly briefing them on your strategy, products and services. This approach will ensure you don’t miss out on the chance to be included on a shortlist or part of relevant industry report, and therefore miss out on a sale or positioning opportunity.  Find out how we can help with your analyst relations programme, contact us.


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